Update: Today

The game is now alpha up to about halfway through, and is having significant work added each day. The main reason for not having an alpha or a beta release is:

a) I have only about 10% of the character animations, 3-4 of which are essential for the puzzle involved, so the game can’t be played through. The ones which are there often don’t have speech enabled, or are replaced with this image:

b) I have 95% of the voice overs, but they’re all randomly sound-corrected, voice-actors no longer used have their recordings still playing in dialogues in the interim; and a lot of key lines just aren’t there, so you have to rely on text alone. What, with your eyes?! MADNESS; and

c) I couldn’t be bothered, and it’s finished when it’s finished.

A good point to release the game might be this June… but it’ll probably be September. Why? Because I have just myself working all day, every day on it, plus the huge work that goes into organising animation, voice-overs, the preview video and all sorts of other resources.

But it may be sooner, and it will be no later than September.

Platforms for release:

PC and Linux – all is go for these two platforms! They’ll be appearing on this site, Steam, and GoG.com

Mac – Probably sooner than iPhone.

iPhone – maybe. somehow. don’t hold your breath. AGS has a forked library for the iPhone engine. There are only a handful of developers, two in particular, and they’re pretty jammed up. So what that means in real terms, is you’re probably going to see a Remastered version via Unity sooner.

Android – I haven’t got one. This is a similar situation to the above, but who knows, probably sooner than an iPhone release.

Kirk out.

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