New *new* Characters

Here are some more characters from the West Village:

The Hare
Finnius McPig
Ms. Peacock
The Fox
An Irish Wolfhound
Mrs. Deer
The ‘Crow’

And now for the East Village:

Rachael the Goth Girl
Mr Black, the Assayer and Precise Jeweller

The Smokey Mountains:


Plenty more to come for the Smokey Mountains.

So I know what you’re all asking – can I have a listen to their voices? Whats their characteristics? Why are you showing me these instead of a preview video?

No, only joking – what you really want to know is: How did I come up with such original names? The ‘East Village’? ‘Rabbit’? Genius I’d say.

The only large set of rooms to go is the Pirate Bay (home of actual 18th-century-style pirates, not a cheap reference to the website of the same name); and the Smokey Mountains. VO is coming together. Patience is a virtue.


The development is pretty easy, and is made up of pre-written code in a pre-written engine, with the occasional 3 lines of graphics thrown in.

Normal Development:

function room_LeaveLeft()
if (cJulius.y <= 214)
cJulius.Walk(261, 170, eBlock, eWalkableAreas);
cJulius.ChangeRoom(RM_W_VIL_KINGS, 1530, 563, eDirectionLeft);

Complex Development:

function dialog_options_repexec(DialogOptionsRenderingInfo* info)
int i = 1, xpos = 0;
while (i <= info.DialogToRender.OptionCount) { if (info.DialogToRender.GetOptionState(i) == eOptionOn) { if (mouse.y >= info.Y && mouse.x >= xpos && mouse.x <= xpos+96)
info.ActiveOptionID = i;


Luckily, the complex development is kept for, like, 300 lines of code, and other 15,000 is simple. The hardest thing has been arranging the VO by number (all 3800+ lines), checking if it’s there, choosing takes, having it leveled with background music etc. and then writing a batch file (shock! horror!) to go through the lines, get the mouth lip sync with Rhubarb, convert to OGG (using extra special console audio tools that can be purchased for $50 from some website), and finally copy into the Speech/ directory.

Finished before September 🙂

Testing until March 2020 :/

Don’t hold your breath (or anyone elses). Video coming soon.

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